Joining the Feast

(Towards a Theology for Autism)

By Ann Memmott and Helen Tyers

This picture is of a stained glass window, showing a lit candle, bread and wine. Around it, a circle showing rainbow colours.


Ann Memmott and Helen Tyers are writing about autism and theology.

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Download "The Appetiser" document: Joining the Feast theology document

Latest Update: January 2018

Ann and Helen have been reflecting and reading, in preparation for this exploratory work towards a theology of autism.

Two Retreats have been held during 2017, allowing time to collate materials, write new sections, and investigate new works coming to the market. One, in Worcester, visiting the beautiful cathedral and all that autistic craftspeople, musicians and leaders have added to it. Another in Warwick, a place with a rich and vibrant history of prayer at the Priory of St Sepulchre, enabling us to consider the lives of the Religious, and how many have been – and are – autistic.

Part of writing this work is doing so at a pace that fits with the flow of the authors’ lives and situations. Not being rushed, or given artificial deadlines, but allowing time for prayer. For reflection. For fellowship. Time to listen to God and to be respectful of our own needs in all that is produced.

We are grateful indeed for the support of many around us.:Past experiences at Sarum College and with the Methodist disability group that we were part of for many years. The work being undertaken by the teams from St Martin in the Fields and Inclusive Church, including the Calling from the

Edge conference and materials. The wisdom of various leaders of faith and autistic Christians in our lives, some new to this diagnosis and doing their own reflections on what it means to be part of God’s creation.

In the next months, we will be collaborating with a wider group of autistic Christians, and organising further writing retreats.

Thank you for taking an interest in this important work.

Helen Tyers and Ann Memmott